Hi there! 
I just wanted to fill you in on what God has been doing in my life. Over this past year, God has been really softening my heart toward full-time Christian service. Last July, God opened the door for me to serve full-time alongside Rooftop Missions, a missions organization with ministries in India, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.
I am stepping out by faith and leaving my job as a videographer in Fresno, and serving with Rooftop Missions full-time. I will be creating content for Rooftop BoatMission’s social media, as well as doing biblical leadership training and preaching internationally.
Because I am leaving my job at the end of July, I will be completely dependent upon financial support and donations as I follow God’s leading. I know that He will provide through His people as I surrender to his will. I would ask that you personally consider supporting me monthly as I head into this exciting and unknown chapter of my life.
Whether you are giving $10-a-month or $100-a-month, your giving will allow me to continue serving God effectively throughout the world. Regardless of whether you can give or not, please partner with me in prayer. No dreams can ever become reality unless we take them to the Lord in prayer. Thank you for your time, I am excited about what the Lord will do!

5 thoughts on “Rooftop Missions

  1. God bless and give you missionale favor. love you and will be a prayer partner. wish i could afford to be there and work with you for a year…


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