Skeptical About Statistics?

Earlier this month, roughly 100,000 people flocked to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, for Harvest America 2016 – an evangelistic event hosted by Pastor Greg Laurie. Attendees enjoyed performances from various musical talents including Chris Tomlin, Lecrae, and MercyMe. Following this time, Pastor Laurie delivered a simple presentation of the gospel message. A reported 6,300 people in the stadium made a … Continue reading Skeptical About Statistics?

“The Pro-Life Movement is a Failure,” Jeff Durbin Exclaims

"The Pro-Life movement is a failure in terms of being a real Christian approach to ending abortion in our nation." - Jeff Durbin Jeff Durbin is a pastor from Arizona, and founder/host of Apologia Radio, a Christian broadcasting ministry. One of the main emphases of Durbin's ministry has been the ongoing battle for the … Continue reading “The Pro-Life Movement is a Failure,” Jeff Durbin Exclaims