1. There is nothing that tells the truth about us as Christian people so much as our prayer life. (pg. 8)
  2. Unceasing, incessant prayer is essential to the vitality of a believer’s relationship to the Lord and his ability to function in the world. (pg. 18)
  3. The greatest danger to persistent, effective prayer is the habit of performance without passion. (pg. 33)
  4. Prayer was not to be used just for emergency appeals; it was to be an unbroken conversation built around a living, loving fellowship with God. (pg. 38)
  5. We have all been guilty of repeating the same prayers meal after meal and meeting after meeting—with little or no thought of God or what we are saying. Prayer that is thoughtless and detached is offensive to God and should be offensive to us. (pg. 48)
  6. God’s purpose in prayer is not for us to inform or persuade Him to respond to our needs but to open sincere and continual lines of communication with Him. Prayer, more than anything else, is sharing the needs, burdens, and hungers of our hearts with a God who cares. He wants to hear us and commune with us more than we could ever want to commune with Him, because His love for us is so much greater than our love for Him. (pg. 50)
  7. The initial benefit of [The Lord’s Prayer] is the way it exhibits the believer’s relationship with God. “Our Father” presents the father-child relationship; “hallowed be Your name,” the deity-worshipper; “Your kingdom come,” the sovereign-subject; “Your will be done,” the master-servant; “give us this day our daily bread,” the benefactor-beneficiary; “forgive us our debts,” the savior-sinner; and “do not lead us into temptation,” the guide-pilgrim. (pg. 56)
  8. The more we think true thoughts about God, the more we will seek to glorify Him in our prayers. (pg. 57)
  9. The greatest hindrance to prayer is not lack of technique, lack of biblical knowledge, or even lack of enthusiasm for the Lord’s work, but a lack of faith. (pg. 102)
  10. When you pray “Your will be done,” you are praying for three things: the consummation of the world and the use of sin’s consequences for God’s eternal plan, the salvation of people who don’t know God, and the obedience of every believer to God’s commands. (pg. 105)

    All quotes taken from Alone With God by John MacArthur. Available in paperback and eBook formats including Kindle and iBooks. You can also read my review here.

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