One feels foolish to attempt to review or comment on a book that they themselves have yet to fully grasp, and this memorable work by John G. Reisinger certainly places me in that uncomfortable predicament.

Being a relatively young Christian with no formal theological education, I do not shy away from the fact that I do not know everything. I was not heavily familiar with the finer points of dispensationalism upon reading this book, and my knowledge of covenant theology, though stronger, still fell short of what could be considered thorough understanding.

From this position, I was able to pick up Abraham’s Four Seeds and follow along fairly easily with the thought processes and ideas presented by Reisinger. His writing style is very readable and informative, yet it is far from shallow. It is one of those books which anyone could understand on a surface level, but upon return, recognize vast amounts of rich information that they missed the first time around.

Reisinger really strips bare the weaknesses and presuppositions of classical dispensationalism and covenant theology – while also applauding their strengths – and draws us back to the Scriptures as our primary source of truth.

It was a fantastic eye-opener and is sure to make you re-consider the positions you may have. Regardless of whether you step away from this book fully convinced of every argument that Reisinger presents (I wasn’t completely), it will succeed in making you think twice about blindly accepting traditional religious doctrines without checking it against Gods Word. And that’s a deeply important reminder for all of us.

Abraham’s Four Seeds is available in both paperback and on Kindle.

3 thoughts on “Abraham’s Four Seeds by John G. Reisinger

  1. This book is on my “best ever short of Scripture” list. A truly life changing book in that it bears on the nature of the new covenant promises and the centrality of Jesus and His Bride. Words have usages in the bible and so many errors come from ascribing things to certain words (like Israel) that the apostolic authors do not use in the same way. JGR holds a special place in my heart having ministered such wonderful truth to me.

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      1. Jackson Boyett who was a wonderful NCT pastor and his wife went to glory at the hand of a drunk driver in 2011. He would have been my pastor when I moved to Texas and I listened to many sermons. He said Abrahams Four Seeds was “worth its weight in gold”.

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