BBC – The Social produced a short video which has been going viral over the past few weeks. In the video, cosplayer Victor Lockhart claims to identify as “non-binary” – one who does not believe themselves to be either male or female.

Victor attempts to unpack this idea in a brief 1:40 video that leaves more questions than it answers.

The video begins with Victor stating, “The single most common question I gets asked is ‘Are you a boy or are you a girl?’ The answer is ‘No.’”

Victor explains, “I am non-binary, and that means I identify as something other than male or female. Our society has led us to believe over thousands of years that there are only people who are male and people who are female, but that is because our past society has based gender on physical sex.”

The video then cuts away to a skit played for comedic effect in which Victor is dressed as an 18th-century father awaiting the delivery of a child (played by a teddy bear in the video.) The bear is thrown to Victor, who quickly looks at its genital area to determine, “Ah, yes, what a strapping young lad.”

We are now only up to the 47-second mark in the video, but let’s stop and discuss where the ideology presented has broken down so far.

  1. Victor blames the confused and “outdated” idea of two genders on what? Our society basing gender on physical sex. This theory could work if it was only our immediate society which had viewed gender in this way. While historically, homosexuality and transgenderism have been present in various cultures, the majority view held by nearly every society since Creation has been that of two genders. The worldview Victor is rejecting is not a result of one lone society’s misinterpretation of gender roles, but rather is a result of a logical and moral analysis that spans various cultures, locations, and ethnicities.
  2. Victor claims that gender cannot be understood by physical attributes (namely genitalia or masculine/feminine features and attributes), yet in the skit in the middle of the video, she is very clearly attempting to portray a male. I knew that this character was to represent a man, in this case, a father, because Victor purposely took the time to wear masculine clothing, apply fake facial hair, and lower her voice. The video itself refutes the idea that gender is not understood based on genetic traits.When she was adjusting her voice and adding fake facial hair, she was subconsciously conceding to the idea that someone’s gender is visibly apparent through certain universally understood attributes.

Now that we have discussed the breakdown of the non-binary position thus far, let’s continue.

Victor continues after the short sketch by saying, “It’s outdated.”

  1. This is a post-modern way of understanding and processing truth. Truths do not become less true with age. To say that the reality of two genders is invalid due to being “outdated” demands a fundamental rejection of objective Biblical reality, historical consensus, and, ultimately, the suppression of logic.

Victor then attempts to separate gender and sex as “two completely different and separate things that are private to every individual.”

Furthering the notion, Victor claims, “No matter what living meat skeleton you were born in, it’s what you feel that defines you.”

A few thoughts:

  1. The term “living meat skeleton” to describe one’s body is a sad reflection of evolutionary belief. When we remove the Biblical account of Creation of mankind being created in the image of God, we remove any hope of value or meaning.There’s a great quote which reflects the idea of purpose in gender roles in the book, Good: The Joy of Christian Manhood and Womanhood,

    “What makes men men, or women women, is intrinsically connected to the majesty of the God in our design. We each exist as we do in order to display that glory.”

  2. Sex and gender are not completely separate. Men and women scientifically experience different emotions, exhibit different actions and movements, and have different psychological traits based on their physical makeup.
  3. What you feel does not define or change anything.Just as our feelings about gravity, the color of an object, or the distance from the sun do not change the facts associated with them, any doctor would tell you that, even if I “felt” like a woman, it would not change my bodily functions. No amount of feeling could give me feminine body parts, the ability to bear a child, etc.

Victor ultimately ends the short clip by saying, “Gender is what you feel, not what your parts are, don’t be afraid to be yourself.”

Once more, I remind the reader that, contrary to what secular culture teaches, truth is not subjective. When it is dealt with as such, confusion – such as seen in the video – will always ensue.

God’s design for men and women is so beautifully orchestrated to give purpose and value to all mankind. I would call all those who are experiencing a sense of misplaced identity or sexual confusion to dig deep into the Scriptures and see what God has to say about gender roles.

A great “crash course” would be the free eBook I mentioned earlier from Desiring God. I know it will be a blessing to you as you seek the truth.

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