Recently, Christian apologist Dr. James White was challenged by Dr. Robert Morey – a pastor and apologist – to a formal debate.

The topic?

“Is the threat of destroying the Kaaba” (a building at the center of Islam’s most sacred mosque in Saudi Arabia) “a viable military tool in the West’s psychological warfare with radical Islam?”

Dr. White’s response to this absurd line of thinking should be heard by every Christian.

First, he responded via Facebook on December 13th, stating,

“I don’t care about psychological warfare of the West. I am a Christian. I wish to see the Muslim people –– all of them, including the members of ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc., come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I do not wish to engage in psychological warfare on anyone, and I surely do not wish to murder hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Mecca by nuking the Kaaba. And, in case it has escaped Dr. Morey’s probing thinking, Mecca is filled with non-radicalized Muslims too. They die in nuclear blasts just as easily as radicalized Muslims do.” (full statement here)

He responded once more on the December 15th episode of his live webcast, The Dividing Line. He declined to debate the foolish topic and continued to explain how the notion of bombing religious sites in the name of Christianity is in direct opposition to the Christian worldview.

44:40 – “I cannot begin to understand for a second how anyone could have spent any time whatsoever on their knees – praying to the Lord of the Harvest to bring the Gospel to the Muslim people; to reveal Jesus Christ to the Muslim people – I cannot begin to believe that anyone who has any meaningful compassion in their hearts for the Muslim people could even begin to contemplate the foolishness of the concept under discussion. I cannot begin to understand it.

If you are praying for those people, you’re not going to want to nuke those people.

And I can’t see any way for you to say, “Oh yes, I want to pray for them; I pray for them and I weep for them and I’m doing everything I can to present the gospel of grace to them,” while holding over their head the threat of nuking the Kaaba – just so that we can nuke the Kaaba – because it wouldn’t accomplish anything – well it would. It would accomplish something – it would unite Muslims around the world like never before, that’s painfully obvious.

I’m sorry, your actions are speaking louder than your words.

You can pretend all you want that you have a heart for the Muslim people, but if you want to vaporize them before you even get an opportunity to evangelize them, then how are you different than Al Qaeda? How are you different than ISIS?

I don’t see any difference. You’re just the westernized version.”

A few moments after this suitably strong response to the utterly unbiblical and ungodly suggestions of Dr. Morey, Dr. White pressed Christians to remember our only source of power in this world.

50:40 – “Any type of militarized version of Christianity is a perversion. What’s the power that has been given to the church? Is it a bomb? Is it a plane? Is it some type of modern weapon of mass destruction?

It’s the power of the Gospel. That’s it.”

I couldn’t agree with Dr. White more. May we as believers never forget that.

4 thoughts on “James White vs. ‘Militarized Christianity’

  1. Reblogged this on Foodforthethinkers's Blog and commented:
    The answer to Islam, and to all other non-Christian faiths, can be found in the last 3 verses of Matthew. Tragically, however, far too many Christians put more faith in the US military and its cheerleaders in the media than they do in the words and deeds of Jesus Christ. The biggest warmongers in America are those who *say* they follow the Prince of Peace.

    This is not about pacifism, but rather about militarism run amok.

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