Experiencing the Trinity begins on a highly personal note. Joe Thorn describes how he began to “fall apart” after the publication of his first book, Note to Self.

“This was the beginning of the most difficult season in my personal life. My marriage and family were healthy and our church was vital and growing, yet I felt like I was withering and dying.” (p.14)

Thorn explains that he was experiencing anxiety, fear, and depression as a result of “working too hard for too long without resting. Some people call it burnout.”

After he sought counsel from Godly friends and doctors, and spent time in personal prayer and study, he began to take some crucial steps to renewed physical and spiritual health.

 “God used a number of changes that worked together to rebuild me. And central to it all was the Word of God. It was Scripture that drew me back to the hope, peace, and safety I have in Jesus. And that is what this book is really about: how the Word of God draws us to the living God. In knowing him we find peace, joy, strength, and faith.”

This book contains fifty chapters, or, “notes,” recording what he preached to himself about the nature of God in those dark and trying times. Each chapter is about two pages, and can be read through as a book or easily as a daily devotional.

The book is split up into three primary sections: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Each contains chapters presenting concepts and meditations respective to the that member of the Trinity.

The format is very readable, and directed toward the reader directly, encouraging the personal application of preaching to oneself.

Here is a brief excerpt from Chapter 5, entitled He Provides.

“The uncertainties of life, the accompanying worries connected to the what-ifs, can be settled in this great truth: come what may, God will never leave you or forsake you. Rather, he promises to supply you with whatever you need in this life and in the life to come.

I know your mind goes quickly to those believers who have starved to death or who suffered great and unjust affliction. You wonder, “How did God provide for them?” But that question reveals that your understanding of what is needed is far narrower than what God knows is needed and best. He will provide, but you can miss his provision if you’re waiting for him to give only what you are looking for.” (p. 33-34)

The book was a huge encouragement to me and I consider it, as I do Note for Self, to be an absolutely essential resource for every Christian. In the harshest experiences we face in this life, our only hope and encouragement can be found in the truth of who God is.

Thank you, Joe Thorn, for penning this much needed work. Far too little has been written regarding the practical ramificaitions which stem from the doctrine of the Trinity.

Note to Self is available in Paperback and on Kindle.

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