If you are anything like me, you’ve probably felt like a failure in the area of Scripture memorization. I would love to be one of those guys who can spout off an entire chapter without even struggling, but my memorization skills have always seemed to let me down.

Flashcards, writing out verses, reading over-and-over – nothing has been an efficient, helpful, or lasting way for me to remember God’s Word. Until now. 

rose_gold_standing_left.pngRecently, I saw an ad on Instagram for an app called Verses.

I clicked on the ad – which is absolutely crazy, because I hate Instagram ads – and it took me to the App Store where I could download it for free.

The concept is really simple, but deeply helpful.

All you do is select the verse(s) you want to memorize, and save them to your collection.

Once you click on one of the verses you chose to memorize, it pulls up a screen showing you your progress so far.

There are a series of games you can choose to help you memorize that particular passage.Evernote Camera Roll 20160206 143858.png

I personally find the Word Bank game to be the most effective tool for me. It removes certain words from the verse, giving you multiple choice answers for what belongs in the empty space. With each level you progress, it removes more an more words, eventually requiring you to write the full verse by memory.

I was shocked at how quickly I was able to memorize portions of Scripture like this. Don’t worry, if this style of memorization doesn’t suit you, there are four other ways to learn, including Tap to Reveal, Listen, Reorder, and Type Out.

As you memorize verses, the app will show you both which verses you’ve memorized and what percentage of each book of the Bible you’ve memorized.

I highly recommend this free resource to any believer looking for an efficient and fun way to hide God’s Word in their heart.

You can download it on the App Store here.



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